The Second Life of Thieves

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The Second Life of Thieves 2014

Mr. Tan, the village chief, discovers his wife has disappeared with his good friend Mr. Lai, whom he had a secret relationship with for decades. Forming an unlikely friendship with Mr. Lai’s daughter Sandy, both of them embark on an emotional journey that will open old and new wounds alike. Juxtaposing between present day and 30 years in the past, The Second Life of Thieves is a meditation on love, lost, and regret.

Casts : Chung Kok Keong, Mayjune Tan, Berg Lee, Emily Lim, Teng Jiyun, Azman Hassan, Steve Yap
Writer/Director : Woo Ming Jin
Producers : Edmund Yeo, Woo Ming Jin
Director of Photography : Kong Pahurak
Sound : Sorayos Minimal Prapapan
Post Production : White Light Post

Festival Screenings:
Busan International Film Festival
Singapore International Film Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Torino GLBT Film Festival
Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival
Ljubljana Gay and Lesbian Film Festival
Taiwan International Queer Film Festival
Luang Prabang Film Festival

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