Woman On Fire Looks For Water


Woman On Fire Looks For Water (2009)

Woman on Fire Looks for Water tells the story of a father and son, and their relationship with the women in their lives. Ah Fei sells frogs from his motorbike, while his father, Ah Kan, is part of a dying breed of fishermen in an old coastal village. They share a quiet, but strong relationship.
The film follows these two characters as one of them faces death, while the other is only becoming a man.

Casts: Alan Chung, Ernest Chong Shun Yuan, Foo Fei Ling, Jerrica Lai and Mak Fong
Writer/Director : Woo Ming Jin
Producer : Woo Ming Jin/Edmund Yeo
Director of Photography : Wan Chun Hung
Music : Isabel Lam
Editor : Edmund Yeo

Cinemanila Film Festival
(Special Mention Award)

Festival Screenings:
Venice Film Festival, Horizons
Pusan Film Festival
Cinemanila Film Festival
Rotterdam International Film Festival
Hong Kong Asian Independent Film Festival
Open Doek Film Festival
New Era Horizons
San Francisco Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Denmark CPH:PIX
World Film Festival Amsterdam
L’Alternativa Film Festival
Films From the South FF
Asian American Film Festival New York
Haifa International Film Festival
Vienna International Film Festival
Southeast Asian Film Festival Hawaii
Focus on Asia Film Festival
Pyongyang Film Festival
Munich Film Festival
Buenos Aeres International Film Festival (BAFICI)
Malaysia Cinema Focus in Rio de Jenairo
CineJeune Film Festival
South East Asian Film Festival Singapore

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