Return to Nostalgia

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Return to Nostalgia (2015)

1942: Malaya and Singapore have been taken over by the Japanese forces. The film Seruan Merdeka begins in the midst of this chaos, depicting racial unity in the face of Japanese brutality.

It is now 2015. Seruan Merdeka is lost, Lee Kuan Yew has passed and racial tension in Malaysia reaches new heights. The pursuit of a long-lost film takes a filmmaker and his crew on a journey that transgresses physical borders and time. Delving into a nation’s past and cinematic history, the idea of what is buried and what is no longer in existence is re-examined. Memories of unspoken histories, abandoned theatres and forgotten films unveil a lyrical confrontation between cinema and reality.

Writer/Director: Woo Ming Jin
Executive Producer: Edmund Yeo
Producers: Lim Ying Xian, Teo Wey Yinn
Director of Photography: Tan Teck Zee
Additional Photogaphy: Lesly Leon Lee
Sound: Teo Wey Yinn
Music: Wong Woan Foong

Festival Screening:
Busan International Film Festival


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