Last Fragments of Winter

Last Fragments of Winter (2011) Synopsis: A dreamlike cinematic poem about a family. A boy runs an errand for his mother and realizes that she is dying. A man attends the funeral of a former lover and speaks to her ghost. A woman learns to […]

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The Elephant And The Sea

The Elephant and The Sea (2007) Synopsis: The Elephant and the Sea follows the lives of two individuals in the aftermath of a water borne disease that strikes their fishing village. Has there been a disaster? A deadly epidemic? A week after the disease takes the life […]

Woman On Fire Looks For Water

Woman On Fire Looks For Water (2009) Synopsis: Woman on Fire Looks for Water tells the story of a father and son, and their relationship with the women in their lives. Ah Fei sells frogs from his motorbike, while his father, Ah Kan, is part […]

River of Exploding Durians

River of Exploding Durians (2014) Synopsis: A coastal town is turned upside down by the construction of a radioactive rare earth plant. An idealistic teacher and a group of high school students find themselves battling for the soul of their hometown. Based on real-life events, […]

The Second Life of Thieves

The Second Life of Thieves 2014 Synopsis: Mr. Tan, the village chief, discovers his wife has disappeared with his good friend Mr. Lai, whom he had a secret relationship with for decades. Forming an unlikely friendship with Mr. Lai’s daughter Sandy, both of them embark […]