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Girl In The Water

Girl In The Water (2011) Directed by Woo Ming Jin and Jeppe Rønde (2011, Denmark, Malaysia) and screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012. Made as part of a collaborative project set up by the Danish CPH: Dox. A Scandinavian filmmaker and a Malaysian one […]

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The Tiger Factory

The Tiger Factory (2010) Synopsis: Ping Ping is 19 and wants to go to Japan to work in a car parts company. She’s under the guardian of her aunt, Madame Tien, who shuffles her between two jobs; working in a pig farm, and cleaning dishes […]

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The Elephant And The Sea

The Elephant and The Sea (2007) Synopsis: The Elephant and the Sea follows the lives of two individuals in the aftermath of a water borne disease that strikes their fishing village. Has there been a disaster? A deadly epidemic? A week after the disease takes the life […]

The Second Life of Thieves

The Second Life of Thieves 2014 Synopsis: Mr. Tan, the village chief, discovers his wife has disappeared with his good friend Mr. Lai, whom he had a secret relationship with for decades. Forming an unlikely friendship with Mr. Lai’s daughter Sandy, both of them embark […]