Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Greenlight Pictures was founded by award-winning filmmaker Woo Ming Jin. Since its formation in 2004, we have been committed to producing quality auteur work in all aspects of media from online content to feature films.

Over the last decade, Greenlight Pictures has produced and been involved in many internationally acclaimed films. In 2005, its first production Monday Morning Glory (2005) played at the Berlin International Film Festival and went on to screen in more than 25 film festivals around the world. The Elephant and the Sea (2007) screened in 50 film festivals worldwide and won the Special Jury Prize in the Torino International Film Festival. Woman on Fire Looks for Water (2009) played in the Venice International Film Festival. The Tiger Factory (2010) premiered at the Director’s Fortnight in Cannes. In 2014, The Second Life of Thieves (2014) premiered at Busan International Film Festival while River of Exploding Durians was a main competition selection in the Tokyo International Film Festival.

Having previously enjoyed many compatible co-productions, our company welcomes projects with both local and foreign collaboration:
Asian Three-Fold Mirror: Isao Yukisada (Japan/Malaysia, 2016 – in development)
Return to Nostalgia (South Korea/Malaysia, 2015)
Springtime Nostalgia (Japan/Malaysia, 2013)
Double (USA/Malaysia, 2012)
Girl in the Water (Denmark/Malaysia, 2011)
The Tiger Factory (Japan/Malaysia, 2010)
Woman on Fire Looks for Water (South Korea/Malaysia, 2009)

Aside from our international artistic successes, Greenlight Pictures is also one of the leading independent film and television production houses in Malaysia. We have produced various content for television and the Internet from commercials to TV programs and drama series. Autumn Di Hatiku 1 & 2, made for Tonton Digital, received nominations for the best digital show in the Asia TV Awards in 2014. KL Zombi, directed by Ming Jin, was a box office hit in 2013.

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